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Bike Jackets

I’ve been riding bikes for about two years now and I already own four different jackets. Number one was a deliberate purchase of a “cheapy” it’s a DriRider Aspen and you really do get what you pay for. My biggest complaint with this jacket is it’s not even slightly waterproof (it claims to be 100% but hasn’t been even from new), as soon as it rains with any sort of determination the arms soak through and the seams around the shoulders leak. I probably wouldn’t buy another DriRider based on this experience. Jacket number two is a Teknic mesh jacket for summer, I love it, it was a great purchase and worth every penny. Jacket number three I got for $50 with a full service at the Honda Shop, it’s another DriRider this time the Racer-X, and it’s a pretty good fair weather jacket. Jacket number four was brought on by winter commuting and the desire to stay warm and dry. I asked a number of blokes about how good their jackets were in the wet and only one person was really willing to vouch for his jacket. It’s a BMW Tourance 2 and whilst you pay for the BMW tag so far I think it was worth it. It keeps the rain out exactly as advertised, 100% dry even in heavy rain. I did take the lining out though, it was just a little bit too cozy, I guess it’s designed more for European cold weather than what passes for winter here in Perth.