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Rain, Dark, Traffic- choose any two

Anecdotal evidence suggests that most motorcycle deaths on Western Australian roads happen in the Spring months, late September through to early December. And again from anecdotal evidence most of those are riders whose bike sat all, or most of, the winter out. We have a term for them- fair weather cowboys, because they only ride when the sun is out. I love being on the bike and I’ve tried to get experience in all road conditions. Experience makes the rider and you never know when you might get caught out. I commute to work most days and I’ve become pretty comfortable riding in traffic. Cornering in the dark can be hair raising as can judging road surface condition but again I’m comfortable, especially for the route of my commute. Rain still makes me nervous but it doesn’t freak me out. I even cope well with combinations of two of the three. But tonights trip home it was dark, raining and the traffic was thick. Which leads me to the title of this post. Choose any two.