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Squanderville versus Thriftville (by Warren Buffet) The Dow Is Crashing, Germans Fear Meltdown of Financial System (and apparently so do the Brits-) Bank bail-outs to be kept secret, The Story of the Mexican Fisherman

Why I hope the search for extraterrestrial life finds nothing -it may be all speculation but I found it interesting and thought provoking.

Pirate Box look for “Stories For Parents, Children and Grandchildren” found via the very cool Pirate Coelho Paulo Coelho is way cool, buy his books.

Whose line is it anyway? -Best Stand, Sit, Bend

Sledge Of The Week
J.K. Rowling, Lexicon and Oz -Orson Scott Card gives J.K. Rowling a damn fine sledging “Rowling has now shown herself to lack a brain, a heart and courage. Clearly, she needs to visit Oz.