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Olympus C-350 Deleting all photos

I’ve owned this camera for a while and when I first got it someone told me to be cautious of using the PC to delete photo’s because they experienced borking their memory card doing that. Ever since I’ve been deleting the photo’s one at a time after I have transfered them. This morning I finally got jack of doing that (lots of baby photo’s on the card!) and dug out the user manual out only to discover it’s all in Chinese! I found an online User Manual and the solution is on page 91, it’s a little hard to read in the user manual so here it is in my words-

In the playback mode (ie shutter closed and press “quick view”),
press OK (the centre button!),
select “MODE MENU” (right),
select “CARD” (down twice),
select “CARD SETUP’ (right twice),
select “ALL ERASE” (up/down will toggle between “ALL ERASE” and “FORMAT”), press OK,
select “YES” (up),
press OK.

That’s it you are done.