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Dodging traffic

I commute to work on my motorbike at least a few times a week. Lisa can tell the days when I’m going to ride in because I’m always smiling and eager to head off. Just like when you are driving riding in traffic isn’t much fun but on the bike it’s made more bearable by lane splitting; the gentle art of slipping down the dashed high-way between the cars (“tintops”).

I tend to err on the side of caution- I won’t lane split if the traffic is moving beyond around 40-50kms/hr. By and large the traffic is very courteous and a lot of drivers will even move towards the curb when they see you coming- not that it’s usually necessary. Sometimes the traffic is so close together that you can’t go any further so you just have to stop and wait.

One thing that has fascinated me is that I’ll often be able to slip in between huge trucks and 4 wheel drives only to get stuck by some little two door buzz box. I puzzled about this for the longest time but I think I finally worked it out this morning. It’s not that people who drive these things are mean and vindictive and out to stop lane splitting, and it’s not that they are incompetent. It’s just that they are nearly small enough to lane split themselves. So they sit on the dotted line looking down between the traffic saying things to themselves like “I’m small enough to fit down there” or “I wish I could make it down there”. Hey guys, wake up, if you want to lane split get a bike!