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Last Post for 2007

My birthday was a great day, thanks to every-one who sent well wishes and participated, the birthday elves were very kind to me and organised all sorts of dinners and treats. My reading list now includes Robert Kiyosaki’s Before You Quit Your Job and Terry Pratchett’s Making Money as well as Why We Want You To Be Rich by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki not sure how the finance theme managed to overtake my “pleasure” reading list as well but lets hope it’s a good sign for the new year :-)

On Saturday a group of us went up to the Quiet Cone in Parkerville. The quiet cone is a kind of Tipi shaped structure made out of metal and lined with something with acoustic properties. You lay down and relax whilst the “Gong Master” plays several large gongs and some other resonant instruments. The whole process takes around an hour inside the cone. I’m sure people go all metaphysical about it but I found it a very relaxing and uplifting experience. Worth a revisit.

My New Years resolutions are tonights job I suppose and just as well because nothing brand new leaps out for me right now except to continue the work of this year in terms of health and wealth. I’ve lost a few kilo’s and I’m looking and feeling much better but there is still a way to go. Financially I’m still making other people more wealthy than myself and trading off lifestyle (or just literally life, mine!) for it, this coming year is the time to turn that around. This is the year of the baby though and as a first time going-to-be Dad I’m clear that I don’t know what to expect, so long as Mum and bub are healthy I’m sure we will muddle our way through the rest.

We are seeing in 2008 quietly, or at least that’s the plan right now at 3:35pm! Where-ever you are and what-ever you are doing be safe. I hope that in 2008 you are kind to the earth and all beings and that the year brings you peace, joy and fulfillment.