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Desktops and applications

I tend to be more of a GNOME fanboy than KDE. (This stems from right back when Qt was proprietary). I’ve tried KDE every year or two and most notably the last time I stuck it out for a good few weeks before going back to GNOME. Over the years I’ve watched configuration options disappear from GNOME (sorry can’t think of a single one of them though) and generally lamented their disappearance at the time and then forgotten I could ever tweak “that” after a few weeks; whilst of course remaining indignant at the design philosophy that took it away from me. But for reasons I can’t really express (and it could be just familiarity) I like GNOME. Because of that I also tend to favour the GNOMEish applications (AbiWord and Gnumeric are my word processor and spreadsheet of choice). So when a KDE application stands out as simply better then to me it really stands out. The two KDE applications I turn to first at the moment are K3b for CD/DVD burning and KTorrent for downloading all those BitTorrent goodies, unlike their GNOME (and other) equivalents in both cases they just work and in just the way I expect.