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Christmas Activity

A few days off over Christmas and I’ve completed or made a valiant start on a couple of projects that have been requiring attention for some time. My desktop is now running Fedora 8. (I still keep wanting to say “Fedora Core 8”). Fedora 8 comes with no surprises, so far everything has just worked, but nothing has leapt out as being new and exciting either.

I also transferred a (substantial) chunk of the data from Insubstantial over to here. Insubstantial was supposed to be a website not a blog but most (all?) of what I wrote over there was more journal type stuff than anything else, or maybe living with blogs for so long now has changed how I think about stuff. I’ve done my best not to change history and leave everything as close to how it was as possible- some editing has been inevitable though, mostly to go from Kwiki formatting to what Blogger uses. Lessons learnt; Kwiki is a fine wiki but made an ordinary blog. Data transfer is important. Wiki’s don’t necessarily lend themselves to ease of data transfer, formatting shortcuts differ between wiki’s and is useless outside of a wiki, I dumped and transferred mostly as html but I would be somewhat cautious about using wiki syntax again.

Sometime in the next few days I will redirect Insubstantial to here and enable custom domain in Blogger settings and the transition will be done.

We had christmas dinner 3 times- christmas eve with Lisa’s mum and family, christmas day lunch with Lisa’s dad and family and then boxing day lunch with my lot. Favourite dish from the three meals: Lisa’s mums nut roast is the only thing that really leaps out. Will have to get the recipe. Lisa made a pretty damn fine bruschetta one night too. I made a bean salad to take to my parents, my own recipe and it is great.

Lisa bought me an 8G thumb drive which she thought was a pretty ordinary gift but which I loved. I bought her some diamond ear studs and the reverse was true :-)

Gift I didn’t get that I hope comes for my birthday: Making Money by PTerry :)

What did the jolly fat redman bring for you?