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Daylight Savings, A Minor Rant

We are about to start daylight savings here in WA for the second summer of our three year government forced trial. This in spite of the fact that we have had three previous trials followed by referendums and each time the response has been no. Democracy any-one? But that’s an aside and not my biggest objection to daylight savings.

We have very hot summer temperatures here typically being in the high 30’s to low 40’s (that’s degrees Celsius) for months. During the day I’m at the office where it’s air conditioned and the outside temperature doesn’t effect me, but when I get home after work it’s different. As the summer progresses the house takes longer and longer to cool down in the evening which then results in getting to sleep later and later- if you wander around any office in Perth during the hottest periods you can pick plenty of people who are looking warn from the degraded summer sleep cycle. What daylight savings means is that I lose another hour of sleeping time: I don’t get to sleep until the house cools down (which doesn’t care what time the clock says) and then I have to get up an hour earlier, when it is nice and cool for sleeping. So unlike the cooler Northern Hemisphere climes where it originated in this climate daylight savings is completely counter intuitive. The typical rebuff to this argument against is to be told to buy air-conditioning… isn’t one of the stated benefits of daylight savings that it saves power by reducing the need for domestic lighting? For those who want it I thoroughly recommend they get up an hour earlier and leave the rest of us to our very sensible sleep.