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Health Kick

In January of this year I visited my very good friend Andrew in Singapore and he royally berated me (and justifiably so) for my physical condition. It wasn’t news to me that I wasn’t in great shape but no one had approached the subject so directly as Andrew and to be honest I had been mostly avoiding it up until then.

Fast forward six months and my diet has improved no end (thanks mostly to Lisa), but exercise is still on the low side and my job has me sitting all day. There’s two things to do if you want to lose weight- eat less and exercise more and I’ve not been doing enough of either. I’ve also been having some lower back problems. Last week I went to see an osteopath to get my back fixed and they said that they could sort me out in three visits (and they did!) but that if I don’t start doing exercise to build the supporting muscles I will just be back every other week. They recommended to me a personal trainer who I saw last night.

Andrew Budge from Trysport started me off on the scales and I discovered that I’m not the “around 10kgs” higher than my optimal weight that I thought I was but a whopping 25kgs. He told me that I’m at a crossroads and that I can do something about my weight now and live long and happily or I can do nothing and in around 10 years take out a mortgage on a cardiologists new Mercedes (don’t you just love dealing with people who will tell you how it is straight up?). He further promised that if I did nothing other than lose that weight my lower back problems would disappear. So it’s exercise time. The game is to lose 25kgs by March 2008 (yep around the due date!). To start off with I will mostly be walking and then once I have upgraded my broken down mountain bike I will throw in come cycling (commuting to work) and in a couple of months when my current commitments to the Team Management & Leadership Program finish I will get into the gym as well.

Why am I telling the world? Because I want your partnership. Cheer from the sidelines, hold me to account if I slip up or come join me and do something positive for your health and well being.