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First Post

Every Blog has to have a first post and this is mine. I set out to do this blogging thing once before but being a full time unix head I got sidetracked playing with software on my own web host and as a result spent more time fiddling and twiddling than I did writing. Since I get plenty of time to fiddle and twiddle in my regular job I decided this time to leave it to the proffesionals and concentrate on just writing.

What can you expect me to write about? Just about anything that interests me but I’m sure there will be some recurring themes; technology, politics, poetry, gardening, motor bikes, the human condition and food. Oh and my girlfriend is pregnant with our first child so you can probably expect a few posts on being a new dad.

The title of the Blog is a reference to the Dire Straits song Communique

But in the communique you know he’s gonna come clean
Think what he say, say what he mean

I always thought Uncle Mark (he’s not really my Uncle but he feels like part of the family) was singing “incommunique” not “in the communique” but since “communique” and “incommunicado” were already taken as Blogger titles Incommunique it is and I’ll be, in communication.