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Brekky at The Globe

Breaking free from the constraints of downtown Subiaco the breakfast crew gathered for a bite of brekky goodness at “The Globe”, the restaurant attached to the Parmelia Hilton in Perth. The buffet, like the menu, was comprehensive but daunting- a future outing is being contemplated just to road-test it, the buffet that is, alternate uses for the poster sized menu’s were proposed but on this outing we stuck to just ordering from them. The Globe is not the place to head if you are looking for value for money but the food was good and the service good too. Unfortunately the coffee was cold and ordinary.

Following up on a hot lead we went to Ristretto in the Paragon arcade for a second coffee, if you are in the city check out Ristretto, the coffee is indeed good.

Breakfast, it gets in your bones.