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Pseudo Vegetarians

Pseudo vegetarians annoy me. Those people who eat chicken and fish and call themselves vegetarian. When did fish and chicken become vegetables? Why does the colour of the meat make it not meat?

Besides just being very silly they make it hard for a real vegetarian to get a feed. You go into a restaurant and the waiters start pointing at the fish and chicken dishes when you ask about vegetarian food. And when you point out that fish and chicken aren’t vegetables they say “Oh so you are a strict vegetarian”. No I’m a vegetarian, it’s those other dick heads who aren’t.

Here’s a clue: if you eat anything that had its most recent incarnation as a member of the animal kingdom then you aren’t a vegetarian. Pretty simple? And for you confused people out there who need a term for your no red meat diet try this one “speciest carnivore”.

Update: there is an official term for this- “pescetarian”, though it is pronounced “pestetarian” to describe those that still insist they are vegetarian :-)