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Take Back The Web

I have been an iiNet customer since 1994. They send out a regular newsletter, which this month has a theme of security. Here is a letter I sent to iiNet explaining why I was dissapointed with their security recommendations.

I read through your newsletter eager to see what security recommendations you made. No mention of Linux (nearly 10 years on my desktop and not one virus!), OK I can guess at why you might not have mentioned Linux. But I was shocked you didn’t mention Firefox. The standalone Mozilla web browser. The one that blocks the spyware which arrives on users computers through Internet Explorer. The web browser which won all these awards.

You didn’t make the one recommendation which would have made a real difference for users. Get Firefox now!

Take back the web. Pass it on to your clients, they will thank-you for it.

Update: I got a nice email from iiNet support saying that the newsletter was written by marketing and that iiNet do indeed recomend Firefox to their users- mostly in response to queries on how to block pop-ups. Any-way I wasn’t the only one to write in about Firefox and they are going to address it in the next newsletter.

Update 2: The September newletter quotes me :) The writer/editor omits that the Mozilla based browsers are more secure by design and because they are not implemented as part of the OS and instead say that they are more secure because they are “often overlooked by virus and spyware creators” bleh!