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Fedora Core 4

My desktop got an Linux upgrade last night. I installed a shiny new (as shiny as beige gets any-way) dual layer DVD burner and then popped in a Fedora Core 4 DVD from Everything Linux. The install went without a hitch and I was up and running in fairly short order. I followed these instructions to get sound and video stuff working. Fedora Core 4 was able to recognise my motherboards on board sound card which is great because FC3 didn’t. DVD playback through Xine even works.

The only thing I haven’t tested is CD/DVD burning- I didn’t have any blank media last night. FC2 burnt CD’s fine but it stopped working in FC3 so I am hoping it is working again in FC4.

Update: CD burning works fine. I generally prefer Gnome to KDE but when it comes to creating CD’s K3b rocks! I tried using Nautilus first since Fedora helpfully auto-ran it when I popped in the blank CD, it seemed straight forward but hitting the burn button did nothing and didn’t give me any errors. I then started up X-CD-Roast but gave up fairly quickly in the face of the completely non intuitive interface (I shouldn’t have to look at a manual for this stuff). With K3b I had a backup of my home directory burning away within a few seconds. That’s how an application should work.