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Portable Desktop

Lately I have been a Desktop Refugee. There are a number of applications where the primary data source is my Linux desktop but which I also want to be available wherever I am. Storing them on my thumbdrive is a partial solution but data format, ease of access and security are all issues. Here are three applications I am currently using-

1. Wikit. A Wiki in a script. For each environment (Linux, Windows etc) you need a Starkit, the common Wikit script and the common data file. Works well under Windows and Linux.

Whilst Wikit is a fine Wiki but what I really want is a NoteTaker database like the one on the HP200LX palmtop. (NoteTaker is an indexed and sorted “note book” with fields for “Title”, “Category” and “Note”). It has to be able to handle hundreds, possibly thousands of notes. It has to be multi platform with an identical datafile format every-where. It has to allow categories and have a good search capability. Import/export from other formats would be handy too.

2. Password Gorilla- Gorilla is a password manager setup much the same as Wikit above but the data is encrypted. Works a treat.

3. Sunbird Mozilla Sunbird is my desktop calendar of choice at the moment. Under Linux I leave the calendar file in its default location. Under Windows I edited the CalendarManager.rdf (located somewhere like
C:\Documents and Settings\foc17bn\Application Data\Mozilla\Sunbird\Profiles\l6feac9w.default\Calendar) to point it at my thumb drive for the calendar.ics file.

Whats still missing? A cross platform address book which is not tied to a mail client but whose data format is usable by mail clients. A NoteTaker replacement as I described above. A safe and easy way to sync up directory trees between my desktop and the thumb drive -there is probably a solution to this out there but I haven’t looked hard. A cross platform encrypted file system would make the whole thing just about perfect.