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King Arthur

I went and saw King Arthur last night. This is not just another retelling of the Arthurian myth. All of Arthur’s principal nights are Sarmatians and this Guinevere (the very likeable Keira Knightley) is a woad dyed Pictish warrior. The Merlin depicted is one of my favourites, there were no spells or sourcery though. Lancelot was the only character who fitted the usual mould of Arthurian myth, he was a complete prat, but that’s Lancelot.

At the beginning of the movie they try to establish some historical precedent for their version of the story by referring to “recent archeological evidence” yet whilst most of the action takes place on or North of Hadrians Wall at the end of the movie they referred to the battle taking place at Mount Badon which is generally thought to be in Southern England. Whilst I am nit picking there was little consistency in the accents either. It was a good fun rollick of a movie though and as good a guess as any-ones at early post-Roman Britain. Take a suspension of disbelief pill if you need one (it is a fantasy flick after all) and enjoy.