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Desktop Refugee

Occasionally you might find yourself like me, a desktop refugee stranded in the dark side of desktops and reduced to the windows experience. Herewith are some tools to make life a little more bearable:

* Cygwin- a fairly complete Linux like environment including a great X emulator, Cygwin’s Rxvt is my terminal emulator of choice.
* Firefox- Take back the web!
* Sunbird- great cross platform calendar application.
* LeechFtp- As far as I can tell it hasn’t been developed in a while and it does have a few niggling bugs (I can’t work out how to display filenames beginning with a dot such as .profile for example) but otherwise I haven’t found a better free FTP client for windows.
* Vim- Gvim is looking like becoming my favourite editor on Windows, actually it may even stand a chance of beating Nedit under Linux, stay posted :)
* PFE- the Programmer’s File Editor is a great little editor. Unfortunately (and typical of the windows environment) its author has given up development and no source code is available, still it beats the pants off of notepad.
* ActivePerl- a binary build of Perl for Windows.
* PuTTY- a great little terminal emulator. If you could set the ANSI underline colours I would probably use it more. My biggest complaint with !PuTTY though is that it stores all your session settings in the windows registry instead of in some sensible (and editable) text format- if you want to change a setting for all sessions you become trapped in GUI hell where a Perl one liner should suffice.

And of course I usually end up installing AbiWord and Gnumeric for word processing and spreadsheet joy :)

If you know of any others or can suggest a good replacement for one of the above leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.