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Spiderman 2

I saw Spiderman 2 last night. It could have been a risky move but I read the list of mistakes before I saw the movie, I still only managed to spot one of the mistakes listed though. Maybe I am just not very observant but I suspect the people who spot these errors need to take a chill out pill and lay back and enjoy life a bit more, it is a movie after all, it’s supposed to be entertaining not real or true.

I remember reading Spiderman comics as a kid and enjoying them but I wasn’t what you would call a fan, I just read them when I could get them, so I can’t offer any in depth comparisons to the comics. I did enjoy the movie and if you are planning on skipping it because you think it fits into the “just another brainless action movie” category you might want to reconsider because it isn’t. In an increasingly narcissistic society it asks you to think about personal responsibility and role models, where are our hero’s? It continues the love story from Spiderman and the themes of growing up and finding your place in the world. You get all of that and a well told action adventure story, the action footage of Spiderman is superbly done.

Kirsten Dunst if you are reading this (haha) I lurve you.