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Nokia Cellphone

I recently upgraded my cellphone from a Nokia 6610 to a 6230. This is my fourth Nokia so you could say I like them. In general the interface of the phone is consistant, if not intuitive. There are shortcuts for stuff you do a lot- mostly I have found them by accident or talking to others who have found them by accident but they are there (yes I could read the manual :) On the hardware side they are rugged and durable- I’m 6’2” and I have dropped my Nokia’s many times onto hard surfaces and never had one break as a result.

My biggest gripe? Data transfer- I want the phone storage area to appear as a normal USB drive when I plug it in to the computer, just like my camera does. None of this proprietry interface stuff. I’ve paid for the phone, it’s my data let me have it. The two most important things I want off the phone are any photo’s I’ve taken and my address book but the calendar and messages need to be accessible as well. I want the address book in an open text format, I don’t care which one just as long as it is published. The calendar should probably be in Ical format and messages in plain text. No additional software required, and it will work on every OS with USB support so I can plug it into my Linux box at home or my Wintendo laptop. Do that and the phone becomes way more useful and more multifunctional- I could even leave my USB thumb drive at home.

Nokia are you listening? If another phone manufacturer implements this first you will lose a loyal customer.

Cc’d to Nokia support :)