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Firefox Extensions April 2005

Since its been a while since I plugged Firefox here is my current extension list. My only complaint and not a Firefox problem at all per se is that Statusbar Clock doesn’t work with recent versions of Firefox and the author seems to have gone awol or at least he has stopped answering email.

  • Bookmark Backup -creates a backup of the bookmarks file each time Firefox is closed.
  • Dictionary Search -no explanation needed and my favourite extension by far.
  • Disable Targets for Downloads -stops target=”_blank” opening a new window/tab for downloads.
  • Duplicate Tab -duplicate a tab to a new tab or to a new window.
  • fireFTP - an FTP client in a browser tab.
  • FLST (Focus Last Selected Tab) -Brings focus to the last selected tab when closing the active tab.
  • Link Visitor -toggle the visited status of links.
  • Sage -lightweight RSS and Atom feed aggregator extension.
  • Single Window -traps links that would normally open in a new window.
  • Plain Text Links -treats selected plain text urls, highlight and right click to open.