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Fahrenheit 911 and the Free Trade Agreement

I saw Fahrenheit 911 on Friday night. I found it a disturbing movie. I have always held that the invasion of Iraq was all about money and oil but the degree to which the corruption, deciept and manipulation goes is scary. I hope Australian and US voters take note of this movie, it is time for regime change. Take the time to see it yourself and make up your own mind. Michael Moore is a talented story teller because the movie is remarkably watchable considering the subject manner. It is entertaining and despite the fact that at times it is sad, frightening and sickening it left me feeling hopefull, perhaps because it tells the truth.

The FTA (that’s f*cked trade agreement, the only free in it is for the USA) recieved yet another bashing on Radio National’s perspective last week, read the transcript. Please wander over to and sign the petition to Mr Latham. It’s possibly worth noting that a similar petition to the Prime Minister is not possible because he keeps his email address secret. I have to quote this passage from Global Trade Watch:

“The Australian Government has concluded a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the USA that undermines fundamental social, cultural, environmental and democratic protections which we all enjoy. It gives US corporations new rights to challenge our laws, and unprecedented influence on everything from how much we pay for medicines to our quarantine regulations. It has been negotiated with almost no democratic input, and will be almost irreversible once in effect.”
On the radio this morning one of the presenters pronounced café “caff”. Maybe that is a result of computers spelling it “cafe” (no accent on the e), but disappointing from a professional communicator. Still she is ahead of Peter Costello (the man who would be PM) who “listens to the radio airwaves” (transcript), however you do that.

Oh and Neil Gaiman uses Firefox!