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On Tuesday the Government released a “new” energy strategy. It has been simultaneously hailed by the mining sector and condemned by the Greens. You might dismiss the Greens opposition but coupled with the applause of petroleum industry you have to start thinking that this is not an environmentally sound policy. Now the Government is seeking to outlaw biodiesel fuels. Another move that no doubt has the mining sector rubbing their hands with glee.

Putting it all in the context of world events the method appears to be:

1. control the oil
2. ban or inhibit the competition
3. ignore the environment

x. profit?

Instead of looking after the long term interests of the people Governments are increasingly seeing only to their own re-election and short term profit. A lot of good being rich will do as the consequences of global warming and other environmental impacts of their petroleum policy take effect. One can only look with envy on Brazil where petrol/ethanol fuels are taking off.