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Google Wishlist

I like Google. A lot. At my work I am quite often heard to say “Google is your friend” :) If I could talk in CAPITALS like Terry Pratchett’s Death I would say “Google” and people would hear “Google” :) So here is my quick Google wishlist:

0 In Google preference’s I want to be able to exclude sites selling stuff from all searches. A sort of anti- Froogle if you like.

0 Same as 1. except for training courses, training course overviews or synopses usually contain lots of key words and no actual information. If I want to find a training course I will put that in my search query thanks :)

0 It is just a suspicion and I can’t back it up at all (though I am not alone in thinking this see here for example) but I think that Google does not do so well on indexing script generated content. Specifically in relation to Wiki’s I think that Google needs to add weighting to the inner links of a Wiki, an inner link in a Wiki is not like an individual or organisation pointing to themselves it is the reflection of that pages worth by that Wiki community. There is a lot of good information in Wiki’s which never makes it to your search radar and I think this will only get worse as collaborative content becomes more popular.

I will drop all this into an email to Google, look out for changes soon :)