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Sep 16 2018

And then I turned around and it was September, where did that come from? (Like being hit on the neck with a hacky sack!) One day follows another and all of them seem to be chock full of something. Last weekend was the young blokes birthday, eight already, that happened too quickly as well! For his party we were back to Wally Deli park for Nerf war party with the Bassendean Nerf Group (thanks Jason! Read more →

Aug 26 2018

Yesterday the kids and I walked down to Bill Shaw Reserve (known as “Walli Deli Park” in our house because it is in Walliston and across the road from the Walliston Deli) for a birthday party of one of my young blokes school friends. Whilst we were down there someone mentioned that there were film crews up the road at the Walliston Primary School all set to film the demolition of the old Channel 9 broadcast tower. Read more →

Poem of the Week - William Butler Smith

Apologies for the lack of recent posts, it’s been a very busy time of late. As I suggested earlier my project was fat at one end, did get thinner for a while and then got very fat at the other. Then it was finished and I was moved to another customer site and I have the whole fat at one end thing all over again except this time I am managing a program as well (first world problems I know! Read more →

May 19 2018

Lisa is out on a permaculture “earth works” workshop all weekend this weekend so the kids and I were left to entertain ourselves. Following a few round the house jobs we headed up to Bunnings for some tung oil to put another coat on the box. We then headed out for a few geocaches, found GG7 - Barking ‘up’ the wrong tree! and the cleverly camouflaged Wood splitter but we couldn’t find Double Yolk#Cracked Egg, I suspect it has gone. Read more →

May 18 2018

I had a days leave today and took the opportunity to get out for a bit of Autumn sunshine and Mini-Adventure #5. Lisa dropped me off at Mundaring Weir and I hiked back on the Bibbulmun track to the Northern Terminus and home. Just over 18kms by the time I got to the front door, average speed about 4kms/hr. Garmin tells me my moving speed was 10kms/hr but I am not inclined to believe that. Read more →