Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

I just wanted to take this small opportunity to wish Her Majesty the Queen a very Happy Birthday. The weather was bonza here in Perth and I thoroughly appreciated the day off in her honour. God save the Queen!

PS. Your Majesty if you are reading this having a keen organic gardener as King would be pretty cool, so please do consider handing the reins over to Charlie sometime soon. Don't worry about the day off, I'm sure the powers that be in Canberra won't mind us having a day off for his birthday if it's all OK with you.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Aquarian Gospel Of Jesus The Christ

"The most efficient prayer that men can offer to a god of any kind is helpfulness to those in need of help; for what you do for other men the Holy One will do for you". -The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus The Christ by Levi.

I've been carting this book around for over 15 years (it's not quite a 20 year book though and in more ways than one) with never the slightest inclination to read it but also unwilling to part with it because of who gave it to me. As I've been wandering through A Course In Miracles it came to mind and finally picked it up and read it.

I know Darryl well enough to be sure that it was no accident that he gave me the book in front of our circle of friends, he would have easily predicted the stirring I would receive as a result. This was around the same time as I grew my first beard and the same people ribbed me mercilessly about the "Jesus Christ look" until I shaved it off. But I never for once thought that he gave me the book just to stir me up. I figured that if Darryl was giving it to me it had some value and on that basis I've happily carted it about.

It says on the dust cover that it's about the missing 18 years of Jesus life which he spent "travelling and learning from the masters, seers and wisemen in the temples and schools of Tibet, Egypt, India, Persia and Greece". But most of the time the format is more of "Jesus goes to x and shows up the locals and teaches them and isn't he great". Interspersed amongst the Jesus flag waving there are some beautiful poetic sections and many snippets of esoteric wisdom.

I can understand why it was radical for it's time because a lot of what it espouses is at odds with the conventional teachings of the church. But most of its juice can be obtained from other texts with much less squeezing required. I'm not sure I can even suggest a target audience for it now- people like me who are interested in odd things I suppose. Maybe I would have gotten a lot more from it if I'd read it when it was given to me. Thanks for the read Darryl, sorry it took so long.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Secret To Long Life?

Run more = Live Longer

Eat less = Live Longer

Run more + eat less = live longer. What's not to like?

For bonus years you could become a vegetarian too.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Philosopher-gardeners, or farmer-poets, are distinguished by their sense of wonder and real feeling for the environment. When religions cease to obliterate trees in order to build temples or human artefacts, and instead generalise love and respect to all living systems as a witness to the potential of creation, they too will join the many of us now deeply appreciating the complexity and self-sustaining properties of natural systems, from whole universes to simple molecules. Gardener, scientist, philosopher, poet and adherent of religions all can conspire in admiration of, and reverence for, this earth. We create our own life conditions, now and for the future. -Bill Mollison, Permaculture A Designers' Manual

If, as physical scientists assure us, we all contain a few molecules of Einstein, and if the atomic particles of our physical body reach to the outermost bounds of the universe, then we are all de facto components of all things. There is nowhere left for us to go if we are already every-where, and this is, in truth, all we will ever have or need. If we love ourselves at all, we should respect all things equally, and not claim any superiority over what are, in effect, our other parts. -Bill Mollison, Permaculture A Designers' Manual

When you turn your back to the moon, it no longer exists. -Robert Lanza, Discover Interview