Saturday, April 26, 2008

First Nappy Change

So I changed my first nappy yesterday, yes Lisa has been very patient with me this first two weeks. I thought I'd seen some bad user interface decisions in computer software but that's nothing compared to the design ("intelligent design"? huh!) of babies.

I got the dirty nappy off without too much of a bother and whilst there was a bit of crying and complaining (all from Jasmine up to this point) I managed to get her cleaned up nicely as well. It all went down hill from there though. She wee'd on the first new nappy before I could get it done up. Then she pooed on the next one (what sort of process turns breast milk into that foul green muck?). Then she wee'd on another one. All of this was accompanied by furious kicking of the legs making it almost impossible to do anything and a high pitched screaming and wailing which made it impossible to think. Clean nappy number four was successfully applied (these things are worse than a Microsoft service pack) and it was discovered that wee number one or two had soaked the singlet. So I had to remove three or four layers of clothes to change the wet singlet none of which was appreciated by our little angel. By the end of it all I'm not sure who was more distressed, Jasmine or me.

Lisa thought the whole thing was hilarious. But she's been doing this for a couple of weeks now so she's probably just a bit hysterical and not laughing at me at all.

Afterwoods I seriously considered installing Windows on my desktop just for a bit of light relief... nah just kidding still 100% Linux here nothing could be that bad :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Olympus C-350 Deleting all photos

I've owned this camera for a while and when I first got it someone told me to be cautious of using the PC to delete photo's because they experienced borking their memory card doing that. Ever since I've been deleting the photo's one at a time after I have transfered them. This morning I finally got jack of doing that (lots of baby photo's on the card!) and dug out the user manual out only to discover it's all in Chinese! I found an online User Manual and the solution is on page 91, it's a little hard to read in the user manual so here it is in my words-

In the playback mode (ie shutter closed and press "quick view"),
press OK (the centre button!),
select "MODE MENU" (right),
select "CARD" (down twice),
select "CARD SETUP' (right twice),
select "ALL ERASE" (up/down will toggle between "ALL ERASE" and "FORMAT"), press OK,
select "YES" (up),
press OK.

That's it you are done.

Two Weeks Old Tomorrow

Jasmine is two weeks old tomorrow and I thought it high time I post a few more photo's :) She's about four days old in this first shot-

And here we are from yesterday the 22nd.

As I said last time Lisa and I have been very blessed, for the most part you would hardly know Jasmine is here she is a very content baby. Thanks again to all the friends and family who have been here for us (you guys are fabulous!).

Monday, April 14, 2008

Jasmine Rose

Born 10th April 2008 at 10:10am to very proud parents Lisa and Murray. At birth she was a healthy 3.555 kgs and 49cm's long.

I can now completely understand all the gushy effusive stuff that comes out of the mouths of new parents, if you don't get it you haven't been there. I've never felt so much in such a short time- proud, excited, relieved, concerned, terrified, over-joyed. So far it's all been smooth sailing. She is beautiful and Lisa and I are very blessed.

Our special thanks to Linda (Lisa's Mum) and to Jannie and all the staff at the King Edward Family Birthing Centre, we could not have wished for better care.
Thanks also to every-one who has wished us well and supported us (ya all know who you are).