Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Coco Lounge - Glen Waverley Victoria

I was in Melbourne for the weekend as part of my participation in Landmark Educations Team, Management and Leadership Program and I stopped for a couple of extra days to visit with friends and family who live there. Once we had caught up on all the news from East and West the obvious question was "where shall we go for breakfast?". And the answer was the Coco Lounge. It's a licensed cafe/restaurant and to be honest it's nothing particularly special to look at, they saved all the effort for what's most important to any diner, the food. I love to visit Melbourne for the sheer range and diversity of top notch eating places, Perth Restraunters could learn a lot from spending a couple of weeks in Melbourne experiencing the pride and detail that goes into making a meal extra special. Coco Lounge is one of those places you could visit again and again, which in fact we did eating there for three meals in two days; one dinner and two breakfasts. For breakfast both days I had the mushrooms on rye, just delicious. Of an evening they serve cocktails and the dinner menu is scrumptious with plenty of choices even for a vegetarian like me. Add to that prompt friendly service and welcome to a foodies heaven.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Only Truth

Melbourne poet Peter Bakowski was recently on Poetica. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Peter and his family when he was doing a residency at the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers' Centre a few years ago and he has become one of my favourite poets. His poetry speaks for itself, he is very readable. Go listen to it or get yourself some google action or even better still track down his books.

The title refers to a line in his poem "Some beliefs of mine", "Only truth can make a poem last longer than a candle".

Unfortunately ABC didn't provide a podcast for this one so no mp3 format, if you want to save it for later you are going to have to jump through some hoops, I'm still working out how from my Linux box here :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Brekky at The Globe

Breaking free from the constraints of downtown Subiaco the breakfast crew gathered for a bite of brekky goodness at "The Globe", the restaurant attached to the Parmelia Hilton in Perth. The buffet, like the menu, was comprehensive but daunting- a future outing is being contemplated just to road-test it, the buffet that is, alternate uses for the poster sized menu's were proposed but on this outing we stuck to just ordering from them. The Globe is not the place to head if you are looking for value for money but the food was good and the service good too. Unfortunately the coffee was cold and ordinary.

Following up on a hot lead we went to Ristretto in the Paragon arcade for a second coffee, if you are in the city check out Ristretto, the coffee is indeed good.

Breakfast, it gets in your bones.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Post

Every Blog has to have a first post and this is mine. I set out to do this blogging thing once before but being a full time unix head I got sidetracked playing with software on my own web host and as a result spent more time fiddling and twiddling than I did writing. Since I get plenty of time to fiddle and twiddle in my regular job I decided this time to leave it to the proffesionals and concentrate on just writing.

What can you expect me to write about? Just about anything that interests me but I'm sure there will be some recurring themes; technology, politics, poetry, gardening, motor bikes, the human condition and food. Oh and my girlfriend is pregnant with our first child so you can probably expect a few posts on being a new dad.

The title of the Blog is a reference to the Dire Straits song Communique
But in the communique you know he's gonna come clean
Think what he say, say what he mean

I always thought Uncle Mark (he's not really my Uncle but he feels like part of the family) was singing "incommunique" not "in the communique" but since "communique" and "incommunicado" were already taken as Blogger titles Incommunique it is and I'll be, in communication.