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Mar 14 2018

I am currently reading Deep Work by Cal Newport. Herewith two quick Firefox hacks to help reduce distractions and hence the temptation towards shallow work. Firstly customize the new tab page to show only search (instructions); in short there is a gear icon in the top right of the new tab page, click on it and turn off everything except search. Secondly set the Firefox homepage to about:blank or about:newtab if you would prefer to have a search box. Read more →

Mar 03 2018

Yet another busy week! (YABW) I am in the midst of kicking off a new largish/complex project at work and it is keeping me on my toes. If you are familiar with The Dinosaur Theory of project management you will know that this is to be expected and if I am doing it right it should thin out again in week or three. Wife was working in Floreat this morning so the kids and I tagged along for some geo-caching around Herdsman lake. Read more →

Feb 25 2018

Well that week flew by! I have been on SES training all weekend. I completed the Basic General Rescue (BGR) course at Mundaring SES. BGR is the entry level course for search and rescue operations it covers a multitude of sins from hand tools and ladders to knots, stretchers and rescue techniques. Good course with an exercise today where we had to put most of the pieces into practise. Thanks to Mundaring SES for hosting us. Read more →

Feb 18 2018

Well that has been a busy couple of weeks! I started a post back on the 6th but didn’t finish and now here we are. Life does not stand still and finding time to squeeze in writing is proving to be a challenge. The Vivid wireless broadband modem arrived a couple of weeks ago. Setup was as painless as they promised and we are now getting speeds of 8-10Mbps which is 4-5 times faster than iiNet were providing so, win. Read more →

Feb 05 2018

Took the Versys into the office today. Traffic was pretty good and no-one tried to kill me so I will count that as a win :) Our home internet has been rubbish and getting rubisher lately. Since TPG brought iiNet out they don’t do customer service any-more. I talked to the network guys in the office and their recommendation was Telstra (logic being that Telstra are likely to have the most capacity in the exchange) so against my better judgement I called Telstra… After 30 minutes on hold they dropped the call. Read more →